caspian anti-freeze

billboard design

[ 7 years ago ]

caspian in one of the best brand in automative industry of iran. they are the market leader of different sections like anti-freeze product. according to their market studies and researches, most of the anti-freeze brands are freezing during the winter time and the most basic and important benefit of the product for mechanics (they are the core target of communications) in no freezing, that’s it. so i decided to put the product in the middle of the key-visual as big as possible because of marketing objectives and showing a frozen environment like mountains and lake by putting a crack which is started from the products place. it is simply focusing on the benefit of the product.


creative director: Babak Madandar
art director: Eman Basirati
photographer: Hesam Yekta

saba cell

corporate identity

[ 8 years ago ]