hype mini

launch campaign

[ 2 years ago ]

This key-visual was a solution for Hype’s launch campaign. They wanted to launch their new product in Iran’s market which was a new SKU of 185 ml product. The challenge was showing the exact product, because there was no any difference between this small product and other sizes and also they wanted to say Hype MFP 185 ml gives you the same energy boost/kick as the original. So we decided to put the product in a comparing situation next to a well known element which is Hulk’s hand to convey the message and to show the smallness of the product. The exact translation of the slogan is: All this energy, gathered in one place. The slogan is tunable by a sense of hip hop style in Persian to communicate better with Hype’s audience.


agency: carbon
creative director: babak madandar
3d artist: farhad nojoumi
graphic designer: nima beiglou
account manager: dorsa gerami manesh


brand book design

[ 2 years ago ]